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Gigs and Clubs Scheme

    Don’t miss out on performance royalties from pubs, clubs and Music Societies in the UK

    If a song or composition that you’ve written is performed in a small venue you could be due a payment for that performance. This counts for any genre of music so if you are playing a gig in your local pub, a jazz recital in a club or performing, or having someone perform, your classical piece at a music society, you should make a claim.

    • How does it work and what royalty can I expect per performance?

    You must be a member of PRS for Music to make a claim. Alternatively, if you are a member of or an affiliated performing right organisation, that organisation can use the scheme on your behalf. If you have performed at a pub, club, bar, community centre or hotel, or had a classical piece of yours performed at a Music Society in the previous year (based on the date of claim), submit a representative set list or programme to us online and we’ll pay the songwriters/composers/publishers of the works performed. This includes touring performers, resident performers and DJs.

    To make a claim please log into your online account and click on Report My Live Performances and then Gigs and Clubs Scheme. If you do not have an online account please register for one now.

    Each event will generate a royalty of roughly £6. That amount is divided amongst the works performed at that event. The amount each song or composition on the representative set list or programme receives is further divided amongst songwriters and music publishers.

    The royalty can vary depending on what year the event took place and if other acts on the same bill also claim their share of the royalty for the same event.

    • Distribution Schedule
    Claims Received* Distribution Date
    January – March July (same year)
    April – June October (same year)
    July – September December (same year)
    October – December April (of following year)

    * This is the period during which the PRS for Music receive your claim

    • What is a representative set list or programme?

    The set list or programme must be made up of the songs, tracks or titles of compositions that are most representative of the music being performed at the events submitted and must contain at least one song or piece by a member of a performing right organisation.

    Submit a Gigs and Clubs Scheme claim

    • What performances does the scheme exclude and how can I go about claiming for these performances?

    The scheme does not cover: