BASCA campaigns for the rights of composers and songwriters.

Public affairs, lobbying and campaigning are central to the BASCA cause and inform every decision we make.

We work consistently hard to make sure the concerns of our members get to the right people: in the press (both national and trade publications), in the UK government and in Europe where we spend time and effort fostering and nurturing relationships with key EU decision makers.

* Campaigning update | August 2014
* 2014 Consultations
* Disappointment over Private Copying Exception
* Government Facing Judicial Review Challenge Over Failure To Compensate in Private Copying Exception


With the support of its membership, BASCA campaigns on the issues that affect all songwriters and composers. This can include a broad range of subjects: from legislation to safeguarding of revenue streams; from protection of collective management to action against piracy; from fairness of contracts to fighting coercive commissioning; from specific hands-on issues to broader matters of principle.

Regularly we talk to UK and EU politicians, civil servants and government agencies to create a better environment in which music writers can flourish. On many issues where we are campaigning to UK government our voice becomes stronger when combined with that of the rest of the music industry.

uk-musicIt is for this reason that BASCA is a member of UK Music, the umbrella organisation that represents the collective interests of the UK’s commercial music industry. Fellow members are AIM (Association of Independent Music), BPI (British Recorded Music Industry),MMF (Music Managers Forum), MPA (Music Publishers Association), MPG (Music Producers Guild), MU (Musicians Union), PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited), PRS for Music (Performing Right Society and Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society) and UK Live Music Group (trade associations and representative bodies of the live music sector).

Many matters affecting UK songwriters and composers need to be discussed at a European level. BASCA is a leading voice in ECSA, the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance. ECSA has a three pillar structure:


  • APCOE — Alliance of Popular Music Composer Organizations in Europe.
  • FFACE — Federation of Film and Audiovisual Music Composers in Europe.
  • ECF — European Composers’ Forum.

In addition to our membership of UK Music and ECSA, BASCA is a member of the British Copyright Council, the Creative Coalition Campaign and the National Music Council.