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Triptych Programme – Youth Music Theatre

YMT’s Triptych Programme  is a three-year project offering three commissions a year to women composers under the age of 30, offering them the opportunity to write new work for some of the UK’s most talented young performers. Triptych 1 will be held in Belfast (2014), with Triptych 2 & 3  in Edinburgh (2015) and London (2016).


For Summer 2014 Youth Music Theatre UK is offering three commissions of £3,000 each to three female composers under the age of 30 (by the 31 August, 2014) to write a 30 minute piece to be combined together to form a three act single evening production entitled & Forgive Us Our Trespasses. The writing is to be inspired by the poem of the same title by the Northern Irish poet, Sinéad Morrissey, or other of her work; Sinead is Belfast’s Poet Laureate and has recently won the prestigious T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry.

Performances will take place at The Mac (Metropolitan Arts Centre), Belfast on the 15 and 16 August, with a rehearsal period from Monday 4 August.

Application Timescale

Applications are being accepted from 8 January, 2014, and forms can be downloaded here. The deadline for applications is Friday 4 April. Submissions will be reviewed and assessed the following week, and a short-list drawn up.

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed between 14 – 24 April (excluding the Easter holiday break). Candidates unable to attend can ask to be interviewed via Skype.

The three successful candidates will be announced on Friday 25 April.

Application Form

The application form can be downloaded here.