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BASCA reacts to Brexit

BrexitBASCA, along with fellow members of UK Music, the Musician’s Union, the Featured Artists Coalition and the Music Managers Forum, also the Association of British Orchestras and the Creative Industries Federation had come out strongly in favour to remain the European Union last week as fears that the benefits music creators currently enjoy under the UK’s EU membership, could be negatively impacted if the country leaves.

Following Friday’s vote, it comes with considerable caution and trepidation as we come to terms with Britain’s decision to exit the European Union. This is an uncertain scenario for the UK music industry. The past few days have demonstrated that the path forward to Brexit will not be easy or painless. 

 BASCA CEO Vick Bain comments  ” The lobbying forces of Big Tech and the anti-copyright brigade will be licking their lips at the opportunity to weaken the rights of creators. But we have to be pragmatic and make the best of things and as a membership organisation representing songwriters and composers we will fight every step of the way to ensure that your rights are not eroded in this process.  We must ensure the rights outlined in the E-Commerce Directive, the Copyright in the Information Society Directive and the Collective Rights Management Directive are all retained once we quit the EU.  This process will take a number of years, so we are told, thus it is now more important than ever to be a member of BASCA so we can fight on your behalf.”