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My Music – Gus Unger-Hamilton

Gus Unger-Hamilton & Alt-J

Gus Unger-Hamilton provides vocals and keyboards for indie rock band, Alt-J, whose debut album An Awesome Wave earned them the British Mercury Prize and Album of the Year at the 2013 Ivor Novello Awards. Here are five of his favourite songs, featured in the The Works #50.

1. The Beatles – Not A Second Time
“The Beatles were my first favourite band, and With The Beatles was one of the first albums I bought for myself, probably at about the age of ten. I now prefer later Beatles but this song has real lyrical maturity and anguish behind its poppy exterior. It’s a perfectly written song, in two minutes”

2. Kings Of Leon – Red Morning Light
“Kings Of Leon’s first album, Youth And Young Manhood, was a life-changing record for me. It came out in 2003 when I was around thirteen and later that year I went to see them at Brixton Academy, the first gig I’d ever been to. As a music fan, this band and album were a coming of age”

3. Radiohead – Idioteque
“We started alt-J at university, and Radiohead were a big influence on us. I’d never listened to them growing up, but they’re now a favourite band of mine. I think we all respect them not only for their musical ability but also because they continue to evolve as a band and as individual musicians”

4. San Fermin – Renaissance
“We have been lucky enough to tour with some great bands in our time, and San Fermin are one of them. Coming from a classical music background, I love music of this kind – interesting time signatures and expansive instrumentation. Discovering music via travelling is one of the big privileges of being in a band”

5. Jorja Smith – Blue Lights
“We’ve been in the studio this year, and usually I avoid listening to too much new music during that process. However, I’ve made an exception for Jorja Smith. This song has been an addiction of mine recently, both for its clean, smart production and her amazing voice. I’m keen to hear what she does next”

Listen to the Spotify playlist below: