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UK Minister for Digital on the Future of the Internet

Matt Hancock is the UK Minister for Digital. His recent speech on the future of the internet was important and progressive. BASCA applauds him.

From tackling online abuse and cyber-crime, to protecting British creativity and data, Matt addressed the critical issues in today’s digital world. He also painted an inspiring picture of a future of online innovation, enterprise, and freedom.

Most importantly though, Matt’s speech showed how political leaders can and should lead us towards a healthy, fair digital future.

But they can’t do so alone. The big digital players have a profound responsibility too, not just to their users, but to our civilisation as a whole. In recognising the role of government in shaping our digital future, Matt has sent them an important message and opened the way for helpful collaboration between business and governments.

You can read his speech here https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/the-future-of-the-internet.

Crispin Hunt , BASCA chair commented: “Congratulations to the UK Minister for Digital, Matt Hancock, for this significant and timely speech: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/the-future-of-the-internet. By addressing many of the issues critical to today’s digital reality – tackling online abuse and cyber-crime; protecting British creativity and data; closing the value gap –  whilst encouraging the future of online innovation and freedom, the minister demonstrates the long overdue cyber-political leadership essential to a healthy digital future for us all. Digital players must now accept their responsibility to our global civilisation. Governments need to accept their responsibility to help them do so, and ours has just stepped up to that mark. Bravo.”