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UK Music launches #LoveMusic campaign

The UK Music industry has united to call on EU members of parliament to secure music’s future. 

Ahead of a crucial vote at the European Parliament on 12 September on the Copyright Directive, which aims to boost the tiny amounts that some tech firms pay out of their enormous profits for music played online, UK Music has launched the #LoveMusic

UK Music is fighting for the best possible future for everyone who works in the music industry and who relies on music to make a living. There are some people and tech firms out there trying every trick in the book to block a change that would mean a fairer deal for pretty much everyone in the UK music business.

We need your help to stop that happening and to ensure musicians, creators and everyone in our world-beating music industry are not denied a fair reward for their work. We ask you to sign the petition to support music creators and make the internet fair.

You can read more about the campaign and watch the video below.