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Creative Coalition Campaign

The Creative Coalition Campaign (CCC) brings together rights holders and trade unions across the UK. Its membership includes 30 leading organisations in the film, music, publishing, games, and sport sectors; as well as trade bodies and trade unions.

The CCC was formed in August 2009 to represent the rights of the creative sector and press for effective measures to combat online copyright infringement, including illegal file-sharing.

The ability of rights holders to protect their copyright is vital to the success of their businesses and to the wider creative industries in the UK. Yet various surveys have suggested that the number of UK citizens involved in infringing copyright in relation to films, TV and music is between 5 million and 10 million. This represents a significant threat to the future growth of the creative sector and to many different types of jobs including sound engineers, camera crews, set designers, IT workers, make-up artists, journalists, printworkers, script writers, proof-readers, retail shop assistants and freelance photographers.


Work Not Play

Live music revenue is vital for many musicians, however there is concern over the growing trend of professional musicians not being paid for their work or being underpaid. Work Not Play are looking to challenge the idea that musicians should be happy to work for free. BASCA supports Work Not Play in their mission to ensure that music continues to be an economically viable profession for performing musicians.

Musicians from all genres are invited to sign up and share their stories of being asked to work for no fee:

The Content Map

The Content Map has been created by industry representatives to help teachers, parents and other consumers know which sites are legal. It can sometimes be difficult for consumers to know legal sites from illegal sites, and this is why they have created a hub where consumers will be secure in the knowledge that they will be accessing content legally.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Actively crediting contributor’s inspiration and hard work is standard across all forms of the creative spectrum from movies to art galleries. Credit information needs to be incorporated into the listening experience and made accessible for those that wish to know it, need it, account to it and, most importantly, be inspired by it. We should be proud of the work we do and ensure our names are proudly attached to that work. If we’re not, who will be?”

The directors of the Music Producers Guild (MPG) feel this issue should be debated out in the open with a view to garnering the opinions of all those involved. Read more

Fair Trade Music

Their Fair Trade Music Principles are as follows:

1. Fair Compensation: Music business models music be built on principles of fair and sustainable compensation for music creators.

2. Transparency: International standards must be developed and adopted that ensure efficient and transparent management of rights and revenues derived from the use of our works. These standards must apply to all entities that license such rights, and which collect and/or distribute such revenues.

3. Recapture of our Rights: Music Creators must have the ability to recapture the rights to their works in a time frame no greater than 35 years, as is currently available to songwriters, composers and artists in the United States. The effect of recapture of rights must apply globally.

4. Independent Music Creator Organisations: Music Creators must have their own independent entities that advocate for, educate and provide knowledgeable support for members of their community, including aspiring songwriters, composers and artists. Music Creators speak for themselves, not through those with interests in conflict with them.

5. Freedom of Speech: Music Creators must be free to speak, write and communicate without fear of censorship, retaliation or repression in a manner consistent with basic human rights and constitutional principles. Read more

Get It Right From A Genuine Site

The people behind the worlds of film, TV, music, games, books, and sports, have come together to promote the value of creativity and to reduce online copyright infringement. Every time you watch, listen, read or play, you make a choice, either to support the things you love and help them flourish and grow, or to contribute nothing. By supporting what you love, you invest in creating more of it and the development of new artists and ideas. So, get it right from a genuine site. Read more

Fan Fair Alliance

The FanFair Alliance was established to unite members of music and creative community who wish to take a stand against industrial-scale online ticket touting. they believe a coordinated and pragmatic approach between Government, creative businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers can make major inroads to curbing industrial-scale touting in the secondary ticketing market.

FanFair aims to develop a number of pan-industry initiatives over the coming year, including an educational guide for music businesses, and also to inform and involve fans on how they can tackle ticket touting online. Read more


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