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UK Music is committed to an extensive programme of research which defines the industry’s place within the country’s cultural and economic framework and can also inform and influence current debate and decision making.

Measuring Music Industry Surveys
UK Music Workforce Diversity Survey


Commissioning Surveys

For many years BASCA (and its predecessor organisation the Composers Guild of Great Britain) produced Commission Fee Guidelines (CFG) of indicative fee rates for the commissioning of new music from modern classical and jazz composers. These guidelines, which were updated annually, gave a variety of per minute rates for new music broken down by the forces used. The CFG were produced in hard copy and on the BASCA website and were used as a reference by both composers and commissioners.


BASCA Commission Fees Survey 2011

The Commissioner’s View 2013


Errollyn Wallen

Equality and Diversity

New and exclusive research undertaken by BASCA has revealed the extent of the problems surrounding diversity and equality in regard to gender and ethnicity within the realms of composition commissions and classical music education.


An Assessment of the Attitudes and Practices of Equality and Diversity in the UK Music Industry 2012

Equality and Diversity In New Music Commissioning 2016

Equality and Diversity in New Music Commissioning 2016 update

Report on BASCA’s presentation on diversity at the ABO conference 2017


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