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Music Insurance Brokers provide insurance solutions to the music sector including Bands, Artists, Studios, Labels, Festivals and other music industry business. From sole traders to large companies we have the experience and facilities to cater for all your business insurance needs.

BASCA Standard and Professional members receive inclusive insurance, provided by Music Insurance Brokers:

  • Professional members are automatically insured for £1m worth of Public Liability (non-performing activity and now also includes
    performance at venues/events with attendance up to 200 people maximum)
    ; £2k of cover for your equipment (worldwide); access to full suite of insurance products.
  • Standard members are automatically for £1m Public Liability (non-performing activity and now also includes performance at venues/events with attendance up to 200 people maximum); £1k of cover UK wide for your equipment (UK); access to full suite of insurance products.(NB: There is no cover for events that are organised by the member.  An event organisers policy is required for these.  If you perform to larger audiences or need cover as an event organiser then we can arrange these policies separately).
  • Songwriter indemnity insurance is offered to Professional and Standard members at a discount rate. This will protect the member from claims of copyright infringement in their work.

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    N.B. The Musician’s Union also offer an insurance policy to it’s members. To clarify the differences:

    The BASCA policy gives all standard and professional members Public Liability for their non-performance business activities.  So this will cover  work as writers and composers and also if they run a studio etc – the MU is designed to cover individual performing artists. The BASCA policy also automatically provides £2k (professional) £1k (standard) of cover for equipment as soon as you become a member.  With the MU policy you have to contact them and submit a list of items in order for the equipment policy to be active – it is not an automatic process.


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