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2018 BASCA Board and Committee Elections

Every 3 years, the BASCA membership elect BASCA members to represent them on one of our four Genre Committees. This year, members are also able to elect 6 BASCA members directly to the Board, who do not sit on a Genre Committee.

Join a BASCA Genre Committee

The BASCA Genre Committees are 4 advisory groups (Media, Songwriter, Classical and Jazz), each consisting of up to 12 Professional BASCA members, who meet to discuss issues specific to their genre.

Over the last 3 years, some key highlights of the BASCA Committee’s activities have been:

BASCA’s genre committees have also helped to develop over 55 events per year across the UK including:

  • The Media Composer Conference which has now become a well-attended high profile event
  • An annual collaboration with the BBC Singers and BBC Radio 3 broadcasts
  • The BBC Radio 3 Diversity and Inclusion conference
  • The annual summer and Christmas parties enabling hundreds of BASCA members to come together to network

Join the BASCA Board

The BASCA Board has 16 members: 6 Directly Elected members (elected by membership), 2 Media Committee members, 2 Songwriter Committee members, 2 Classical Committee members, 2 Jazz Committee members and 2 Independent members (Non-BASCA members, sourced by the Board).

In brief, the BASCA Board exists to:

  • Provide leadership to the organisation
  • Establish BASCA’s vision, mission, aims and objectives, and fulfil and deliver them
  • Set the company’s values and standards
  • Set strategy and structure

In addition to this, being a Board Director of BASCA, a Not-for-Profit organisation, can have a variety of benefits. You might:

  • Learn from other Board members
  • Benefit from experience that enriches your professional development
  • Develop skills in leadership, patience, diplomacy, finance, management, etc.
  • Feel more connected with BASCA and the Industry

If you are passionate about BASCA’s mission and are willing to take on the fiduciary responsibilities and duties of board service, then you should definitely consider becoming a BASCA Board member.

Standing for Election

Who can stand for election to the BASCA Board or committees?
Only Professional BASCA members may stand for election.

How do I stand for election?
Standing for election involves submitting a nomination form, and filling in your candidate statement on the BASCA election nomination website (hosted by Electoral Reform Services), to be considered by our members when voting opens. Only Professional members will receive the nomination email. If you are a professional member and have not received the nomination email after nominations have opened, please email elections@basca.org.uk. Please note, you may only stand for one committee, or for one Directly Elected Board place. If you stand for election to a committee, you may also be voted on to the Board by the committee when it first meets (should you wish).

Time Commitment
Each BASCA Committee member is expected to attend 6 committee meetings a year, and Board members are expected to attend 8 Board meetings a year, for a 3-year term. Whilst full, in-person attendance is desirable, it is recognised that members of our Board and committees are also working writers and may not be able to attend every meeting. We do have secure video conferencing capabilities if you are sometimes unable to attend in-person.

Travel expenses of committee and Board members are reimbursed in accordance with BASCA guidelines. Board members receive a small fee – there is no attendance fee for committee members.

How do I find more information on standing for election?
We are hosting a ‘Be a BASCA Committee Member or Director’ evening event on April 25th, where you can find out more information, and speak to current Committee and Board members. More information can be found in our BASCA Genre Committee and Board Elections Handbook. You can also email elections@basca.org.uk or call the BASCA office on 020 7636 2929.


Upgrading your membership

If you are a Standard or Digital member but would like to be a Professional member so you can stand for election and increase (or receive) your voting powers, you have to be a PRS for Music Associate member or Full member, (or equivalent Collecting Society), or be ratified by the BASCA Board. Contact elections@basca.org.uk, or call the office on 020 7636 2929 if you think you are eligible and want to upgrade.

Some of our committee members and staff at the 2016 committee away day



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Download the Genre Committee and Board Elections Handbook


Songwriter Committee: 12 Spaces
Classical Committee: 12 Spaces
Media Committee: 12 Spaces
Jazz Committee: 12 Spaces
Directly Elected Board: 6 Spaces

Election Timeline

Nominations Open: Monday 16th April
Nomination Close: Monday 14th May
Voting Opens: Wednesday 23rd May
Voting Closes: Wednesday 20th June
Results Declared: Monday 25th June



EVENT: Be a BASCA Committee/Board Member 

Wednesday 25th April – 17:00-21:00
The Driver (1st Floor Private Bar)
2-4 Wharfdale Road, King’s Cross, London, N1 9RY


Issie Barratt (Chair, Jazz Committee), Mike Gibbs, Ed Puddick (Jazz Committee) at the Gold Badge Awards (Photo Credit: Mark Allan)

Marc Sylvan, Gary Carpenter, Crispin Hunt, Vick Bain and Helienne Lindvall at the ECSA General Assembly in Brussels

Mira Calix, Crispin Hunt, Bulgarian Ambassador Dimitrov, Nitin Sawhney and Vick Bain at the Bulgarian Embassy

Crispin Hunt, Matthew Irons, Piotr Rubik, Jean Michel Jarre, Astrid North and Cora Novoa, meeting EU Commissioner Gabriel Mariyar