Laura Mvula would be forgiven for feeling she deserves her second Mercury Prize nomination even more so this time around. The accolade, for critically acclaimed The Dreaming Room, comes after a difficult four years

Billy Bragg talks about the challenges facing artists when it comes to securing funding in today’s changing marketplace and how his opinion has softened about the potential for making money from syncs and appearances in commercials

Justin Goldspink of GSC solicitors examines the three key aspects to any claim for plagiarism – protection, access and copying

BASCA's accountant, Eric Longley from Prager Metis LLP, shares his top tips for beating the taxman

Damon Albarn, OBE, has a list of accolades so long that a lifetime achievement award seems an entirely justifiable honour. Yet Damon, still in his 40s, is far from finished with his achievements

Back in the late ‘70s, at the tender age of 17, Martin Glover, aka Youth, had already displayed enough entrepreneurial business sense that many would marvel at now – long before the term ‘aspirational’ became a Cameron buzzword for inciting today’s youth
Errollyn Wallen

New and exclusive research undertaken by BASCA has revealed the extent of the problems surrounding diversity and equality in regard to gender and ethnicity within the realms of composition commissions and classical music education

Prince was found dead at ...